Cardiology: Common Causes of Heart Disorders

Posted on: June 18, 2020

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Cardiology is a branch of medicine that studies the function of the heart and blood vessels. It also focuses on diagnosing and treating various conditions. If you believe you are having problems with your cardiovascular system, your doctor can recommend ways to combat the issues and restore your health.

Types of heart disease

Heart disease can affect not only the heart itself but arteries and blood vessels as well. Cardiovascular disorders come in many forms. Coronary artery disease is one of the most common. It occurs when fatty deposits known as plaque builds up in the arteries, blocking blood flow. There are also disorders of the heart muscle and problems with the electrical impulses of the heart called arrhythmias. Congenital heart disease affects a person from birth.

Dietary factors

Doctors who study cardiology often find that patients develop disorder because of a poor diet. Foods high in fat and cholesterol can lead to blockages and clots in the blood vessels. Excessive consumption of salt can cause high blood pressure. High amounts of sugar can also cause heart problems. On the other hand, people who eat a well-balanced diet of whole grains, fruits and vegetables tend to have healthier hearts and cardiovascular systems.

Sedentary lifestyle

Obesity, particularly belly fat, is a significant culprit in causing heart issues. Cardiology patients start getting help after years of being inactive. Regular exercise is critical, as it can regulate the heart rate and blood pressure. People should focus on aerobic workouts such as walking and jogging. Strength exercises can be helpful too.


Anyone who works in cardiology will attest that smoking and the cardiovascular system do not get along well. This activity can contribute to a person’s risk of stroke and heart attack. It can damage the heart and affect its ability to properly pump blood. People who smoke should work with their doctor to quit. Those who do not smoke should never start.

Other health conditions

Sometimes, a heart disorder comes about because of another disease or illness. Diabetes, which is commonly found in overweight individuals, can cause heart problems. Rheumatic fever and some infections can also be a factor in damage to the heart valves.

Causes of infections

Heart infections are not a rare occurrence in cardiology. When bacteria reach the heart muscle, they can hinder this organ’s ability to function and send blood throughout the body. Parasites are one of the most common ways this can occur. Other viruses may also play a role in the development of heart infections.

Getting help in a cardiology department

You may never expect to be a patient in a cardiology department. If you eat well, stick to a workout routine and maintain healthy body weight, you can avoid heart disorders. Avoiding bad habits such as tobacco is also an important step in achieving your healthy living goals. If you are concerned about your heart health, find a cardiologist near you. This professional can test, diagnose and treat you. If you need help overcoming the effects of heart disease, make an appointment with your doctor today.

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